1: In Season 5 of Stranger Things, Eleven faces death as she battles the Mind Flayer's control.

2: Will Byers holds a dark secret that could lead to his demise in the upcoming season.

3: Mike Wheeler risks his life to protect his friends from the supernatural threats in Hawkins.

4: Lucas Sinclair faces a dangerous situation that puts him in harm's way in Season 5.

5: Dustin Henderson's quick wit may not be enough to save him from the dangers lurking in Hawkins.

6: Max Mayfield finds herself in a life-threatening situation as she uncovers a dark secret.

7: Nancy Wheeler's investigative skills put her in danger as she delves into the mysteries of Hawkins.

8: Jonathan Byers' pursuit of the truth leads him to face death head-on in Season 5.

9: Steve Harrington's bravery is tested as he confronts the terrifying creatures that threaten Hawkins.