1: Side dishes can make or break a party. Try these quick and easy options for a stress-free dinner gathering.

2: Roasted vegetables are a simple crowd-pleaser. Just toss with olive oil and seasoning, then bake until golden brown.

3: Garlic mashed potatoes are always a hit. Boil, mash with butter and garlic, then serve piping hot.

4: Creamy mac and cheese is a classic choice. Cook pasta, stir in cheese sauce, and bake until bubbly.

5: Fresh salad with vinaigrette is a refreshing option. Toss greens with dressing for a healthy side dish.

6: Cornbread muffins are a no-fail choice. Mix dry and wet ingredients, bake, and serve warm.

7: Sautéed green beans are an easy side dish. Cook beans with garlic and butter for a flavorful addition.

8: Homemade coleslaw is a crunchy favorite. Shred cabbage, mix with dressing, and chill before serving.