1: Dive into the flavors of Thailand with these Top 10 Must-Try Thai Dishes.

2: Pad Thai - A classic dish of stir-fried noodles, shrimp, tofu, and peanuts.

3: Tom Yum Goong - Spicy and sour shrimp soup with lemongrass and chilies.

4: Green Curry - A creamy curry with chicken or vegetables and fragrant herbs.

5: Som Tum - Spicy green papaya salad with peanuts, lime, and fish sauce.

6: Massaman Curry - Rich and flavorful curry with beef, potatoes, and peanuts.

7: Pad Krapow Moo - Stir-fried basil pork with chilies and garlic.

8: Khao Pad - Fried rice with vegetables, eggs, and your choice of meat.

9: Mango Sticky Rice - Sweet dessert made with ripe mango, coconut milk, and sticky rice.