1: 1. Hotdogs - A classic American favorite, topped with various condiments. 2. Tacos - Delicious Mexican street food now a staple in the US. 3. Burgers - Juicy and satisfying, a must-try American street food.

2: 4. Pizza - From New York to Chicago, America's love affair with pizza continues. 5. Chicken and Waffles - A unique combination of sweet and savory flavors. 6. Corn Dogs - A childhood favorite at fairs and food trucks across the country.

3: 7. BBQ Ribs - Smoky, tender ribs are a mouthwatering American staple. 8. Lobster Rolls - A decadent seafood treat popular on the East Coast. 9. Donuts - From classic glazed to gourmet, a sweet street food favorite.

4: 10. Mac 'n' Cheese - Creamy and comforting, a cheesy delight enjoyed by all. 11. Fried Chicken - Crispy, golden perfection, a Southern classic loved nationwide. 12. Philly Cheesesteak - A deliciously messy sandwich loaded with flavor.

5: 13. Nachos - Loaded with cheese, meat, and toppings, a fiesta in every bite. 14. Ice Cream Sandwiches - A sweet treat perfect for cooling off on a hot day. 15. Fish Tacos - Fresh and flavorful, a taste of the coast in every bite.

6: 16. Pretzels - Soft, salty, and perfect for snacking on the go. 17. S'mores - A campfire classic turned street food favorite. 18. Fried Oreos - A sinful indulgence loved at fairs and festivals.

7: 19. Gyros - A Greek-inspired wrap filled with meat, veggies, and tzatziki. 20. Fried Green Tomatoes - A Southern delicacy with a crispy coating. 21. Funnel Cakes - Light and airy, topped with powdered sugar or fruit.

8: 22. Chili Cheese Fries - A hearty and satisfying street food staple. 23. Biscuits and Gravy - A Southern breakfast favorite any time of day. 24. Pulled Pork Sandwich - Savory and saucy, a BBQ classic.

9: 25. Shrimp Po' Boy - A Cajun-inspired sandwich filled with fried shrimp. 26. Beignets - Pillowy-soft fried pastries dusted with powdered sugar. 27. Lobster Mac 'n' Cheese - A decadent twist on a classic comfort food.