These Are 5 Telling Signs Someone Will Cheat

Frequent Flirting

If they flirt often, it can indicate a wandering eye. Casual flirting might seem harmless, but it can be a red flag. Pay attention to how they interact with others when you're around.

Secretive Behavior

When someone becomes overly secretive, it could be a sign of cheating. Hiding their phone, deleting messages, or being vague about their whereabouts are warning signals. Trust is key in any relationship.

Sudden Changes in Appearance

A sudden change in appearance or grooming habits can indicate they're trying to impress someone new. While self-improvement is great, drastic changes without a clear reason may suggest infidelity.

Less Time Together

If they start spending less time with you and more time alone or with "friends," it might be a cause for concern. Consistently choosing others over you can be a sign they're seeking attention elsewhere.

Emotional Distance

Emotional detachment can be a major red flag. If they become less interested in your feelings, stop sharing details about their day, or seem uninterested in the relationship, it may indicate cheating.

Unexplained Expenses

Hidden or unexplained expenses can suggest they're spending money on someone else. Checking bank statements or noticing unusual charges can help reveal if they're being unfaithful.

Frequent Arguments

Increased arguments or creating conflicts out of nowhere can be a tactic to justify spending time away from you. This could be an attempt to create distance and reduce guilt about cheating.