1: Discover Simone Biles' iconic vaults that set records and captivated audiences worldwide.

2: Witness the Amanar vault, a double-twisting Yurchenko that secured Biles' dominance in gymnastics.

3: Experience the Cheng vault, named after Biles for its complexity and flawless execution.

4: Explore the Yurchenko half-on, front double full off vault that showcases Biles' unparalleled skill.

5: Learn about the Biles II, a triple-twisting Yurchenko vault that solidified her legacy in gymnastics.

6: Witness the Lopez vault, a handspring double full twist that pushes the boundaries of gymnastics.

7: Discover the Produnova vault, a challenging front handspring double front somersault attempted by Biles.

8: Explore the history-making vaults that have made Simone Biles a trailblazer in women's gymnastics.

9: Reflect on Simone Biles' legacy and the impact of her historic vaults on the sport of gymnastics.