1: Simone Biles, the queen of gymnastics, astounded audiences with her flawless Amanar vault.

2: The Cheng vault executed by Simone Biles showcased her immense power and precision.

3: Yurchenko double pike vault by Simone Biles set a new standard in gymnastics.

4: Simone Biles' Produnova vault stunned the world with its complexity and perfection.

5: The stunning Lopez vault by Simone Biles left judges and rivals speechless.

6: Simone Biles' Dragulescu vault displayed her incredible athleticism and fearlessness.

7: The Mustafina vault by Simone Biles pushed the boundaries of vaulting in gymnastics.

8: Simone Biles' handspring double front vault amazed fans and competitors alike.

9: The history-making Yurchenko double pike by Simone Biles cemented her legacy as the greatest gymnast of all time.