1: Meghan Markle misses her babies while staying true to her roots.

2: Yearning for her little ones, Meghan Markle finds comfort in her homeland.

3: Separated from her children, Meghan Markle cherishes her connection to her motherland.

4: Meghan Markle longs for her babies, reminiscing about her homeland.

5: Despite the distance, Meghan Markle's love for her children and her motherland remains strong.

6: Separated from her little ones, Meghan Markle's heart is torn between her babies and her motherland.

7: Missing her babies, Meghan Markle's bond with her homeland is unbreakable.

8: Meghan Markle's love for her children is matched only by her love for her motherland.

9: In the midst of longing for her babies, Meghan Markle finds solace in her deep connection to her homeland.