How to Tell If Your Dog Is Really a "Genius,"

Learns New Tricks Quickly

If your dog picks up new commands or tricks with minimal effort, they might be a genius. Fast learning is a sign of high intelligence in dogs.

Solves Puzzles Easily

Does your dog solve puzzle toys quickly? If they figure out how to get treats from complex toys, they're using their brainpower effectively.

Remembers Commands Well

A dog with a strong memory for commands and routines shows superior intelligence. If they don’t need frequent reminders, they’re pretty sharp.

Understands Emotions

If your dog can sense and respond to your emotions accurately, it’s a sign of their high emotional intelligence. They know when you need comfort or playtime.

Shows Problem-Solving Skills

Genius dogs often display impressive problem-solving skills. If your dog can find ways to open doors or get to out-of-reach places, they’re thinking ahead.

Communicates Clearly

A highly intelligent dog will communicate its needs effectively, using barks, whines, or body language to let you know what they want.