7 Signs Your Parent Is Gaslighting You

Dismissing Your Feelings

Your parent may brush off your emotions, making you doubt their validity. They might say you're overreacting or being too sensitive, leaving you feeling unheard and invalidated.

Denying Events

Gaslighting parents might deny things they've said or done, making you question your memory. They might insist that something never happened or that you're exaggerating, leading to confusion and self-doubt.

Constant Belittlement

Gaslighting parents often belittle you, making you feel inferior and insecure. They might criticize your every move, making you doubt your abilities and worthiness.

Invalidating Your Experiences

They undermine your experiences and emotions, making you feel like your feelings don't matter. They might trivialize your struggles or dismiss your achievements, leaving you feeling insignificant.

Shifting Blame

Gaslighters refuse to take responsibility for their actions, instead blaming you for everything. They might twist situations to make it seem like you're at fault, causing you to feel guilty and ashamed.

Projecting Their Flaws

They project their insecurities onto you, making you feel like you're the problem. They might accuse you of behaviors they themselves exhibit, deflecting attention away from their own shortcomings.

Creating Doubt

They constantly create doubt in your mind, making you question your perceptions and memories. They might sow seeds of uncertainty, making you feel like you can't trust yourself.