1: Start your day with a Greek yogurt parfait loaded with fresh berries and nuts.

2: Whip up a smoothie bowl with spinach, pineapple, and turmeric for a powerful anti-inflammatory boost.

3: Enjoy a plate of smoked salmon with avocado on whole grain toast for omega-3s and healthy fats.

4: Try a chia seed pudding topped with mango and almonds for a satisfying and inflammation-fighting breakfast.

5: Bake a batch of sweet potato and zucchini frittata muffins for a portable and nutritious morning meal.

6: Make a batch of overnight oats with cinnamon and walnuts to support a healthy gut and reduce inflammation.

7: Top a slice of whole grain bread with mashed avocado, cherry tomatoes, and a drizzle of olive oil.

8: Mix up a breakfast salad with greens, quinoa, chickpeas, and a lemon-tahini dressing for a refreshing start.

9: Sip on a cup of green tea with a squeeze of lemon to kickstart your metabolism and decrease inflammation.