6 Reasons stray Cats are in your Yards

Food Sources

Stray cats often find food in your yard. Whether it's scraps, pet food, or natural prey, they see your space as a reliable food source, encouraging them to return regularly.


Yards provide excellent shelter options. Stray cats seek out cozy spots under porches, sheds, or thick bushes, where they can stay safe and warm from the elements.

Water Availability

A birdbath, pond, or pet water dish can attract stray cats. They need water to survive, and your yard might be one of the few places where they can find a steady supply.


Your yard may feel safe to stray cats. Less traffic, fewer predators, and a quiet environment make it an ideal place for them to relax and avoid danger.


Cats are naturally curious creatures. Stray cats might explore your yard out of sheer curiosity, especially if it offers interesting sights, smells, and places to investigate.

Mating Opportunities

During mating season, stray cats might be drawn to your yard if they detect potential mates. This can lead to increased visits as they search for partners.