5 Signs Your Dog Really Trusts You

They Make Eye Contact

When your dog looks into your eyes, it's a sign of trust. Dogs feel safe and connected when they maintain eye contact with their humans, showing they rely on you for security.

They Relax Around You

A relaxed dog is a trusting dog. If your dog lies on their back, exposing their belly, or falls asleep near you, it means they feel safe and comfortable in your presence.

They Seek Physical Closeness

Dogs that snuggle up to you or lean against you are showing affection and trust. This physical closeness indicates they feel secure and want to be near their trusted person.

They Follow Your Lead

A dog that follows you around or obeys your commands is demonstrating trust. They believe in your guidance and look to you for direction, trusting you to keep them safe.

They Bring You Their Toys

When a dog brings you their favorite toys, it's a sign of trust. Sharing their prized possessions shows they feel secure with you and want to include you in their playtime.

They Show Excitement When You Return

A dog that greets you with enthusiasm after you've been away is expressing trust and happiness. Their excitement reflects their deep bond and the trust they have in your relationship.

They Let You Touch Their Paws

Paws are a sensitive part of a dog's body. If your dog allows you to touch their paws, it means they trust you deeply, as they feel vulnerable yet safe with your touch.

They Follow You Around the House

A dog that shadows you throughout the house is showing their trust. They want to be where you are, indicating they see you as their protector and trusted companion.

They Display Calm Behavior

Calm and relaxed behavior in your presence means your dog trusts you. They don’t feel the need to be on high alert, as they feel secure with you around.