1: "Healthy snacking is key for managing cholesterol levels. Try almonds for a heart-healthy option."

2: "Apples with peanut butter make a satisfying snack combo that can help lower cholesterol."

3: "Pack nutrient-dense snacks like pistachios to keep cholesterol levels in check while on the go."

4: "Opt for Greek yogurt with berries to curb hunger and support heart health on busy days."

5: "Trail mix with nuts and seeds is a convenient, cholesterol-friendly snack for any time of day."

6: "Stay satisfied and lower cholesterol with a serving of hummus and veggies for a quick snack."

7: "Seaweed snacks are low in calories and high in nutrients, making them a smart choice for cholesterol."

8: "Popcorn seasoned with herbs is a tasty, low-cholesterol snack for movie nights or midday cravings."

9: "Whip up avocado toast for a delicious and heart-healthy snack that can help manage cholesterol levels."