1: Discover 16 rare nickels that hold extraordinary value for collectors.

2: Learn about the 1913 Liberty Head nickel, one of the most sought-after coins.

3: Explore the 1943-S Jefferson Silver nickel, known for its silver content.

4: Find out about the 1886 Liberty nickel, a key date coin worth thousands.

5: Uncover the mysterious 1964-D Peace nickel, a rare error coin.

6: Delve into the unique design of the 1936 Buffalo nickel, a favorite among collectors.

7: Learn about the historic 1916-D Buffalo nickel, with a low mintage.

8: Discover the 1926-S Buffalo nickel, a scarce coin with strong demand.

9: Explore the 1950-D Jefferson nickel, a key date coin with high value potential.