1: Discover the rare 1909-S VDB wheat penny, worth up to $3,000 in mint condition.

2: Look out for the 1924-D wheat penny, a valuable coin with a mintage of just over 2 million.

3: Search for the 1914-D wheat penny, a key date coin that can fetch over $100.

4: Uncover the elusive 1955 Doubled Die Obverse wheat penny, worth thousands of dollars.

5: Hunt for the 1909-S Indian Head cent, a scarce coin that commands high prices.

6: Seek out the 1922 “Plain” wheat penny, a rare variety with a small mintage.

7: Find the 1943 Bronze Lincoln cent, a valuable mistake coin from World War II.

8: Locate the 1917-D Obverse wheat penny, a rare error coin with a doubled die.

9: Explore the 1958 Doubled Die Obverse wheat penny, a sought-after variety for collectors.