1: Discover the value of 12 US silver coins ranging from dimes to dollars. Learn about rare issues and historical significance.

2: The Morgan Silver Dollar is a popular choice for collectors, with high demand for certain dates and mint marks.

3: The Peace Silver Dollar is another highly sought after coin, known for its stunning design and limited availability.

4: Roosevelt Dimes may seem common, but certain years can fetch a premium due to low mintages and high grade.

5: Buffalo Nickels are a favorite among collectors, especially those with full horn details and mint errors.

6: Silver quarters like the Standing Liberty and Washington can surprise with high values in mint condition.

7: Kennedy Half Dollars, especially those minted in silver, can hold unexpected value for collectors.

8: Silver Eagles are coveted by both investors and collectors for their silver purity and timeless design.

9: Keep an eye out for unexpected treasures among these 12 US silver coins with surprising values. Happy collecting!