1: The Barber Dime - A classic design and historic value make this dime a must-have for any collector.

2: Mercury Dime - Known for its iconic design featuring the Roman god Mercury, this dime is a prized possession.

3: Roosevelt Dime - Celebrating the legacy of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, this dime is a cornerstone for collectors.

4: Seated Liberty Dime - A symbol of American history, the Seated Liberty dime is highly sought after for its beauty and rarity.

5: Draped Bust Dime - With its elegant design and historical significance, the Draped Bust dime is a valuable addition to any collection.

6: Liberty Head Dime - Featuring Lady Liberty on the obverse, this dime is a symbol of freedom and a must-have for collectors.

7: Winged Liberty Head Dime - Commonly known as the Mercury dime, this coin is a favorite among collectors for its unique design.

8: Capped Bust Dime - With its distinctive Cap and Ray design, the Capped Bust dime is a coveted piece for collectors.

9: The 1916 D Mercury Dime - One of the most sought-after dimes, the 1916 D Mercury dime is a rare and valuable addition to any collection.