1: Introduction Discover the rare and valuable 20th-century pennies worth adding to your collection.

2: 1943 Bronze Penny The 1943 bronze penny is a coveted find, with only a few in existence.

3: 1955 Double Die Penny Look out for the 1955 double die penny, a valuable mint error.

4: 1909-S VDB Penny The 1909-S VDB penny is a key date in Lincoln cent collecting.

5: 1922 No D Penny The 1922 no D penny is a sought-after variety with a missing mintmark.

6: 1958 Doubled Die Penny The 1958 doubled die penny is a valuable error coin with a noticeable doubling.

7: 1969-S Doubled Die Penny The 1969-S doubled die penny is a rare and valuable variety.

8: 1983 Double Die Reverse Penny The 1983 double die reverse penny is a valuable error with doubling on the reverse.

9: 1992 Close AM Penny The 1992 close AM penny is a valuable variety with a small spacing between the A and M.