1: Discover the unique designs and origins of the top 10 unusual coins from around the world.

2: The Canadian "Big Maple Leaf" coin is one of the largest, weighing 100 kg and valued over $1 million.

3: The Palau "Planet Earth" coin features a 3D image of our planet and is legal tender in the island nation.

4: New Zealand's "Hobbit" coins depict characters and scenes from the famous film series, a must-have for fans.

5: The Isle of Man's "Cat" coin series showcases different cat breeds with stunning artwork and intricate details.

6: Australia's "Kangaroo" coin changes design every year, making each one a collector's item and a unique find.

7: The Fiji "Bottle Cap" coin resembles a beer bottle cap, a fun and quirky addition to any coin collection.

8: The Austrian "Philharmonic" coin features musical instruments from the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, a delight for music enthusiasts.

9: The Thailand "Elephant" coin series celebrates the country's national symbol with intricate designs and vibrant colors.