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2: Uncover the 1943 Bronze Lincoln cent, one of the rarest pennies in existence due to its unique composition.

3: Explore the 1872 Indian Head cent, known for its low mintage and popularity among numismatists.

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5: Delve into the 1909-S Indian Head cent, a scarce penny that is highly coveted by enthusiasts.

6: Unearth the 1944 Steel Wheat penny, a rare and unusual coin that is highly collectible.

7: Discover the 1877 Indian Head cent, a rare penny with a low mintage that is prized by collectors.

8: Learn about the 1972 Doubled Die Lincoln cent, a valuable and unique penny for numismatists.

9: Explore the 1914-D Lincoln cent, a rare coin that is highly sought-after by collectors for its scarcity and historical significance.