1: Discover the hidden treasures of 1966 with these valuable coins.

2: The 1966 No Shoulder Fold 50c is a rare and sought-after find.

3: Only a few 1966 Wavy 20c coins exist, making them highly valuable.

4: The 1966 Round 50c coin is a popular collector's item worth a fortune.

5: Rare 1966 Double Bar 20c coins are highly prized by numismatists.

6: Don't overlook the 1966 Wide Date 20c coin - it's a hidden gem.

7: The 1966 London Sovereign is a rare gold coin with a high value.

8: Collectors cherish the 1966 Canberra Florin for its scarcity and worth.

9: Complete your collection with a 1966 Silver Round 50c coin today.